Guilty Feeling

- I steady the rock, jump as high as I can so you remember the drop. 

TMAT (To Move Alone To)’s “Guilty Feeling” first release.  
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-You promised we’d wither before we flower.

Steep Float:      TMAT
Release date:     06 May 2016
Producer:         Luminance
Video Director:   Darius Rodrigues
Website:          Marrucho

Take your time to check his “Horror Stories”.  

Horror Stories

Horror Stories:   TMAT
Release date:     01 Nov 2016
Producer:         threefiftyfour
Video Director:   Darius Rodrigues

“black white fight adidas nike fight
brought her lips to a knife fight
blew like you blow on a bruise
single file then they came in their twos
it's been a while but what's been up with you
have you been alright?
it's all opaque anyway
why aren’t horror stories more sad often?”.

From TMAT’s “Horror Stories” lyrics.